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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 30, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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40s for temperatures and temperatures starting off rather chilly and foggy but the focus will be around noon and later today we will start to look for wind to kick up. fog in the morning sun then wind and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. good morning, right now there is a big problem in marin county, heading down to the waldo, let's go right to the golden gate bridge. you can see some cars are getting through but there is a big crash near the waldo tunnel and this just looks like a batch of cars and you will see traffic stopped for a while. southbound 101 four vehicles involved and chp says this is a serious problem and again you can see this batch of cars that they just let through in the
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thick fog and we will have more on this coming up. let's go to the bay bridge, a lot of our cameras will be completely fogged in and we will not be able to see much so we will have to talk over the fog here. this is the san mateo bridge than traffic is slow getting onto the high-rise. 4:30 let's go to the desk. all right, sal we begin with the occupied movement and the most recent happened at city hall. we understand there are a number of police officers as well but things have certainly calmed down in the past few hours. now the raid took place shortly after midnight. police moved to on objecting paid l.a. demonstrators who refused to
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leave. for the most part they packed up and left without a struggle. they were ordered to leave the tent city that they set up nearly two months ago. it was a similar scene, police tore down the tent city that first went up in early october. occupied philadelphia ignored a city deadline, there were a few minor scuffles between protesters and police but no arrests made in philadelphia. just hours ago in the occupied san francisco protest, we have more on how things are looking there today, paul? >> reporter: we have three and a half hours to decide if they will accept the city's deadline to move.
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>> the thing is we will not will be allowed to stay here. >> so -- >> reporter: so where will they go? it is reported the city will pay the district 20 $5,000 a month plus they would pay to use the site but dozens rejected the state's proposal to move their 150 tent encampment, because in part, occupiers will have to agree with their rules, no animals, alcohol or stoves, and no loud music or noise between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. >> i personally like the space but i also see it as a necessity to have camps out in public eye, out under foot, how else will we have an active
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protest that is viable. >> they want an answer by 8:00 this morning. i will tell you we saw about three cop cars out here and of course we will bring you the latest as it haves. ktvu channel 2 news. a group of protesters are demanding the resignation, they say they were viciously attacked. the confrontation happened after they pitched tents next to spratt plaza. >> if you stand up for what you believe in you will get beat down and i think there should be consequences for that.
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>> they want to drop charges against students who were arrested and uc berkeley has not commend on this lawsuit. they raised levels, two vice-chancellor got paid almost 10% and one got paid a 7-point 5% raise and two uc campuses got raises. one acknowledged the timing is bad but says the raises are needed to retain the best people. holidays are supposed to be a season of giving. coming up at 4:47 just how much the thief stole from needy people. thousands are expected to come to pay respects for
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vallejo officer jim cap pooh. dignitaries will include pamela harris. a private memorial was held at the church and the officer was shot to death while chasing a bank robbery suspect two weeks ago. prosecutors will decide whether to seek the death penalty against the suspect and did not utter a word but did plead not guilty with four special circumstances including the murder of a peace officers and commission of a robbery. smith remains held without bail and is scheduled to return to court in january. a marine in danville who was killed while serving in afghanistan will also be laid to rest. josh coral, several people came to pay respects. coral was killed during his
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first tour of duty in afghanistan. it will held at the first bay church in danville. investigators say the child and his friend were playing with a gun yesterday when one of them accidentally shot the other. the injured boy ran home and told his family what happened before he collapsed and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. a toddler remains in critical condition this morning. lawrence is just a few weeks shy of his second burial. while remaining in a coma we learned he was able to squeeze his father's hand. we learned he was in his father's arms and the father tried to shield his father but
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the bullet passed through his father's hand and passed through his head. >> he will get through it, just keep him in your prayers. that's all i ask. >> surveillance video shows there were at least three shooters, you can see them running around the scene. a $35,000 reward is being offered for the arrest and convection of those -- conviction of those shooters. mcdonald's has an unusual way of complying, the company said they will still offer toys with their happy meals but they will not be free. all provides will go to the ronald mcdonald house. the law is aimed at getting rid of childhood obesity. i hope you had a nice few
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days off there, sal. >> yes, i did and the fog was waiting for me as i got back and it is pretty sick but there is a crash just before the tunnel near the waldo. they are working an injury crash near 101 and every once in a while you will see 120 or 15 cars and if you are driving near this area please give yourself extra time and again it will be really slow as he come out near the waldo tunnels. traffic looks good into san francisco. again there is nothing wrong with your television set, 4:39. we have fog to start, here
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comes a weak system and it's already beginning to pick up towards the north so we start off cold 30s and 40s and sunshine winds picks up, a lot of 60s it will turn windy in the hills and probably for everybody into tomorrow. this system will usher in kind of a low air mass so our lows will be colder and it's going to take care of the fog. our northerly east wind, we are expecting it to kick up later on and we need a strong northerly wind. it is more of that easterly which takes that fog back. 43 san rafael, 4 the 9 in livermore -- 49 in livermore. visibility is dropping straight down and really foggy in the morning, so fog, sun, a lot of
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50s and 60s for temperatures. for out lines we'll see a very pronounced wind event and things calm down as we go into the weekend very quiet by then. thank you, pam. take a look, there are eight cancellations and some of those are southwest flights. now once the winds pick up, air traffic could also slow down this week and cause more delays. if you are traveling make sure you check in with your airlines before the head out the door. for more information check out the weather section. we have a look at that shooting outside the wal-mart on black friday and the police searches for the suspect and
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the hunt intensifies. they claimed the lives of almost 80 people and why that suspect may never be sent to prison. we will tell you more about how the fog is affecting your morning commute. stay tuned.
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. this morning it could go to the jury. closing arguments are scheduled in the case brought by kenneth l1cl0l1tl0ers. he claims they used excessive force at the bart station in 2008. he testified the officers beat him up and had to be treated for chest and face brice bruises. -- chest and face bruises. 45-year-old trans yet man was killed -- transient man was killed at the bart station. they say he threw a glass bottle at them and was brandishing knives when he was shot. the family said he did not
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deserve to be shot. that shooting is also being investigated by san francisco police. there is new surveillance video at a san leandro wal- mart. they are looking for a man they consider armed and dangerous. he and three other people were in a buick riviera. they are accused of driving up to shoppers demanding money and a necklace. christopher dropped to the ground after getting shot. >> i was talking to him before he left. why the suspect chose these victims, it appears random at this time. >> he has been released from the hospital. he went to wal-mart for a video game that day. he is being charged on assault
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charges. they are trying to redo an entire year's worth of work in less than three weeks. somebody got into the storage unit and took all the christmas gifts and meals meant for hundreds of families in need. they had collected $4,000 worth and now it is all gone. >> it has been more challenging for us to raise the money because the giving is more difficult for people and because their own budgets are tight. >> in fact they had a record 300 families sign up for help including 800 children and 200 seniors. now they will regroup hoping for a holiday miracle before december 16th. last night one customer at one restaurant raised $350 to get that new effort started. vice-president joseph biden
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says his trip to baghdad, ahead of the u.s. military pull out marks the beginning of the relationship between the u.s. and iraq. vice-president joseph biden is there to lay the groundwork with iraqi leaders for future cooperation and partnership following the withdrawal of the remaining u.s. troops in iraq by the end of the year. britain is withdrawing some diplomatic staff after the embassy was stormed yesterday. mobs ransacked the offices and the protest was in response to tighter sanctions against iran over its nuclear program. there are now reports herman cane will decide within a few days whether to continue with his presidential campaign. in his speech he did not
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address allegations that he and the woman had an extra marital affair but he told his staff he is reassessing his campaign. >> what is interesting is picking up the romney votes is newt gingrich, he had several affairs while married to another woman. >> the allegations against cane had a problem with him and shows mitt romney with 26% followed by newt gingrich 26% and cane a distance third now with 9 percent. some of the u.s. banks have several credit unions and several are rated one notch lower. also included goldman sachs and bank of america. now the rating downgrade could
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be hard especially for bank of america and that's because there are already concerns they may not have enough cash on hand if there is another economic downturn in the future. the doctor convicted in the death of michael jackson is behind bars. this is his booking photo. yesterday he received the maximum sentence of four years in prison. before the sentence was handed down, the jackson family released a statement asking for the maximum sentence. during the sentencing the judge scolded him saying he gauged in quote money for medicine madness. >> dr. murray created a set of circumstances and became involved in a cycle of horrible medicine. >> under a new california law he will only serve half of his sentence in a county jail. his defense team says they plan
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to appeal saying the judge was openly hostile to their client. well the man who confessed may avoid going to prison. andre -- he was insane at the time of the attack. and it could mean he will be sent to amend tall hospital instead of a prison. he is accused of bombing a government building and opening fire on a bunch of campers back in july. it is the light at the end of the tunnel, literally, new video of the construction of the tunnel. and a suspicious item blown up outside a post office, the action of one man that prompted a scare.
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. well a bomb squad blew up a suspicious scare, witnesses became concerned after a masked man tried to put a package into a collection box and then ran off. officials said no explosives were found in the remains of that box and the post office will reopen today. cal strand release dollars a milestone in the callglueoff .com construction project. shortly after two, the contra costa side of the tunnel they met up deep under the rock and dirt. tunnel start -- tunnel started on the oakland side and now they have a very long tunnel.
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>> for this risky of a project, everything is going pretty much on schedule. this is one of the shining stars of why they measured yes -- why they voted yes on measure j. >> they will schedule it to be opened two years from now. coming up on 5:00 let's check in with sal who is back this morning. really foggy and i think it is even foggier than yesterday. >> well it is tough to see but some people are used to fog but this is all over the place and that means you should leave early especially when it is still dark. they are clearing a crash right now, southbound 101 near the tunnel and for a while all the lanes were closed and it is also light traffic anyway so you will not see a lot of traffic through this thick fog. westbound 80 at the bay bridge
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toll plaza, the cameras are not going to show a lot because of the thick fog. not a lot of slow traffic on highway 4, 680 looks good, if you are on 80 westbound, that traffic is moving along nicely between richmond and penol, so far it is a nice drive. >> we have missty fogginess, after that we start with a high wind warning. it may not show itself until after the noon hour but high wind warning takes us to 6:00 a.m. thursday. the strongest will be in the east bay hills and higher elevations gust to 70 about 2000 feet or more, everything looks to be setting up and sometimes you don't want to cry wolf or anything but our system will usher in a much colder air
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mass. right now we are getting that northeasterly breeze and it kind of creeps back in. 30s and 40s, livermore 38 and it's cold out there, i saw 37 in lafayette, a lot of thick fog out there, you can see our system, a look to the north that is already wiping out the sacramento valley and set the stage for what looks to be a pattern and the wind kicks up and we will be dealing with a lot of winds this time tomorrow. good news is we get rid of the fog after 9:00 or 10:00. wednesday into thursday, breezy in the morning weekend looks good but the morning lows will be very cold, pamela. >> thank you, steven. we are honoring a fallen police officer, preparations are underway in vallejo.
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and just three hours until occupied fs has to go, we will take you to a live report on how protesters are responding to the deadlines up next.
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